The Best Furniture Brands for Quality

Updated 9/19/22

Quality Brands

What Is a Good Furniture Brand?

It feels like option overload. More than ever, we have so many choices about where to shop for furniture before we can even decide which furniture to buy. Some online outlets offer temptingly low shipping costs. Some big box stores allow us to trade our time for inexpensive, to-be-assembled pieces. The offer to cut corners to cut a deal has created more options than ever.

It’s understandable, then, that craftsmanship is having its moment. People want more than inexpensive furniture; they want the best-made furniture. This is an understandable response to too many years of inexpensive furniture that has cost us too much money in replacements and too much frustration in assembling cheap materials with tiny tools. Top-rated furniture brands understand that cutting corners doesn’t create lifelong customers.

High-Quality Furniture is Our Tradition

This begs the question, how do I identify a quality furniture manufacturer? Here at Bassett Furniture, quality craftsmanship isn’t a trend. It’s how we’ve always done things. And it’s why we’ve been a successful business for over a century. When you decide on our wood furniture, for example, you get cedar-lined drawers, English dovetail joints, and a deep, multi-step dimensional finish. When you shop for upholstery pieces, you get to choose from a selection of high-quality fabrics or leathers in a range of colors. You choose pieces that will be part of your home for many years to come.

Yet we don’t believe that quality should be unaffordable. Our prices compete with those of lesser-made brands, even as the durability of our furniture far surpasses theirs.

Our commitment to quality, affordability, and service means that we create long-term relationships with our customers. We know that once you have a Bassett piece in your home, you understand its value and want to return for another. We know that once you work with Bassett Furniture designers, you’ll trust them to help you inspire other projects, too. That’s not a relationship that happens with a quick sale, but with a reputation that’s earned after a hundred years of living our vision and values.

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