Bassett strives to produce safe home furnishings so they can be enjoyed without worry. We are also obsessed about safety in the workplace. If new standards of safety are developed, we are quick to adopt the new standards for the sake of our customers and employees. There is no compromise.


Furniture + Tipping

Bassett knows that the home can be your kid’s playground. Unsecured TVs and furniture have the potential to be hidden hazards in a family's home and sadly, children have died from furniture tipover. To reduce the risk of furniture tipover, here are some simple tips and tricks to ensure that your furniture and tech plays well with others:

  • ~ Purchase furniture that complies to the latest national and international standards of furniture safety, which include tipping standards ASTM F3096-14 and F2057-19. ASTM International F2057 is the voluntary standard for stability of bedroom furniture and ASTM International F3096 is a voluntary performance standard for furniture tip restraints. Compliance standard labels can be found attached to furniture pieces that follow these standards.
  • ~ Always install tipover restraints included with your product.
  • ~ Remove items that might tempt kids to climb, such as toys or remote controls, from the top of furniture.
  • ~ Place TVs on furniture that is designed to hold a television, such as television stands or media centers and push the TV far back as possible.
  • ~ Store heavier items on lower shelves or in lower drawers.
  • ~ Don't allow children to stand, climb or hang on drawers, doors or shelves.

Bassett includes tip restraints with all clothing storage units. These tip restraints are all included - we don't think you should pay extra for safety.


Bassett product also complies with all of the latest national standards of furniture safety at the date of production.  Currently these include:

  • ~ ASTM F3096-14 and F2057-19 tipping standards. These regulations are intended to reduce injuries and deaths of children from hazards associated with tip-over of free-standing clothing storage units. They include but are not limited to chests, chests of drawers, drawer chests, armoires, chifferobes, bureaus, door chests, and dressers, 27 inches and above in height. The standards mean that during testing, the piece shall not tip over or be supported only by an opened drawer, opened door, or opened or unopened flap. This consumer safety standard attempts to limit the hazards linked with these products. These are voluntary standards with the American Society for Testing and Materials. Note that your product may meet a previous standard, depending on the product's production date.
  • ~ Harper’s Law - this requires that retailers in the state of New York who sell certain new furniture offer for sale compatible tip restraint devices and post a notice informing consumers of the risk of furniture tipping. Bassett includes these for free on that product, and includes instilation instructions on the physical product.