More Trees, Please

We’ve made a pledge to recultivate the forests around us with our tree planting program, Returning to our Roots™. Our saplings stay within the Appalachian region of the U.S., where our materials are sourced, and where our furniture is then built and sold.


170,450 Trees Planted and Counting


The total number of trees planted in 2016, the year we began our pledge


The total number of trees planted between 2017 and 2021


Trees planted in 2022, our biggest annual number to date


The amount of trees we’re committing to replanting in 2023

Our mission is to make high-quality goods that are built to last - but we’re committed to caring for the environment in the process. Here’s how we’re doing exactly that through Returning to our Roots™…

Hand holding a tree seedling

We Plant Purposefully

This is all about giving back what we take away, so for every Bench Made style we sell, we plant two trees in its place.

Hands in dirt planting seedling

We Plant Responsibly

We use a variety of saplings to create a healthy and diverse environment that feels as natural as possible.

Bassett team of tree planters

We Plant Together

Our team members participate in the planting each year as a way for us to work together towards a greater good.


Material World

We’re mindful of the materials we use, and we’re committed to recycling as many of them as we possibly can. That includes everything from packing products to wood dust to leftover fabric scraps. Here’s just a snapshot of the impact we’ve made thus far…

1,667 Tons of Recycled Wood Dust
258 Tons of Recycled Fabric Scraps
170 Tons of Recycled Wood Pallets
2095 Total tons (plus lots more!) of materials recycled from our facilities in 2022