Beach House Decor

Updated 2/3/23

Shoreline Bed

What better way to bring the relaxed comfort of a waterside retreat into your home than with beach style furniture? Whether you're looking for beach-themed furniture for your inland oasis or for the extra guests drawn to your coastal retreat, you can find plenty of inspiration in cozy beachy style.

Beachy Furniture and Color for Living Rooms

If you love the ocean view, why not bring those same colors into your beach house furniture? Evoke images of sandy shores and stray driftwood with sand-colored beach cottage furniture that channels relaxed style. Then bring in the colors of the ocean by painting your walls a watery hue and adding blue accents, such as a rug or throw pillows. Add a lamp with a glass base to remind you and your guests of beautiful sea glass.

Allure Living Room Sofa

That Perfect Ocean Blue, Beach Cottage Bedroom

In other words, how do I decorate a modern, beach-themed bedroom? Beach house furnishings create an inviting style! You can make the most of the available sleeping space in a beach house by placing two twin beds in a room. And you can create a beachy look without being over-the-top by bringing in varying shades of blue. If you want to make it more nautical, simply decorate with shells or artwork, or consider other approaches for a more coastal style. If you're set on beach house bedroom furniture, be sure to check out the Shoreline Collection.

Beachy Accents in the Living Room


Pairing a neutral rug and sofa with aquatic accents is a great way to brighten up your beach house without going overboard. Beach design comes through when you make the furniture the focal point. That means letting the dining table, bed, or sofa dominate a space with a few selected accessories.

Beach style furniture means relaxed seating in calming colors, like a soft white sofa that you can relax into. Coffee tables and end tables in white or natural wood convey a soothing style with easy flexibility. 

Or choose minimalist accent furniture as a backdrop for selected beachy art and décor. A textured, light-colored rug is perfect for hiding any sand you track in.

Beach House Furniture with Sunbrella Fabrics

Performance fabrics like Sunbrella offer extra protection against stains, sun damage, and high traffic areas, and are a great choice for upholstery that’s subject to beach life. Sunbrella fabrics, made from 100% acrylic fibers, are excellent at wicking away spills. These acrylic fibers are dyed through and through, which makes them the most resistant to sun and stain damage. We encourage you to read more about performance fabrics.

More Beach House Furniture from Bassett

Whether you're filling a brand new beach house with furniture or redecorating that beachside oasis you've loved for years, Bassett offers high-quality, affordable furniture to fit every style and decor. You can also learn more about our custom design offerings with BenchMade Upholstery by Bassett.

What is coastal style?

Decorating a space to complement coastal style simply means you're filling it with colors, designs, and textures that are typically found at the beach. For example, as mentioned above, you would want to stick to variations of blue in wall decorations and artwork that can be found in the salty water such as teal, navy, and royal. You might throw in some pops of color such as yellow to commemorate the warm sun or vibrant pink for the flowers that may be blooming nearby. Coastal style textures include light-colored wood finishings that resemble sun-bleached wood and clear glass light fixtures that resemble the shells and other treasures found in the sand.

Beach Decor Room

Fabrics and rugs aligned with coastal style would feature neutral tones, white, or pastel tones of blue to complete the coastal furniture style.

Need more ideas for your beach house furniture?

Maybe you have your own unique idea of what coastal cottage furniture should look like. If that is the case feel free to book a design appointment with one of our expert designers so we can help you create the beach furniture of your dreams.