Sofa Dimensions

Updated 9/19/22

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Fabric. Color. Style. Functionality. These are the crucial factors we keep in mind while shopping for a sofa. This list, however, leaves off something that’s not as visual but just as important: sofa depth. Choose a sofa that’s either too deep or too shallow, and you’ll have a sofa that’s pretty but not comfortable to use. And comfort, we believe, is crucial for a sofa.

Not sure how deep your sofa should be? Let us help. And once you have an idea of what size sofa you need, take some time to look through our complete selection of sofas and office sofas.

What’s the Standard Sofa Size?

There’s no hard-and-fast rule for sofa sizes, although the standard tends to be 40” deep, 60” wide, 36” long, and with a 19” seat height. But you’ll see ones that are larger and smaller, which allows you to find one that suits your needs.

For instance, Bassett leather sofas may measure a little bigger until they are broken in. On the other hand, our fabric reclining sofas may fit perfectly within those predicted dimensions.

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The Average Sofa Height

The standard height of a sofa can range between 30" to 36", which is a common measurement across most seated furniture. However, based on the size of your living room and home, you may find that the sofa you’re looking for needs to be higher or lower.

Julian Sofa

For instance, apartment dwellers may find that a shorter sofa is better, not only for smaller living rooms but also because they are easier to move if they can fit in elevators, upstairs, and down hallways.

Homeowners, on the other hand, have more freedom to choose which seat height they prefer, especially based on the style they're interested in.

Different Styles Mean Different Heights

Depending on the type of sofa you're interested in for your home, you may find that some styles mean smaller measurements than what you were looking for.

For instance, modern and contemporary furniture tends to be smaller in size than traditional and classical furniture pieces. This is because the point of minimalism is to have each piece blend in with its surroundings. So having a bold, large piece defeats the purpose of designing minimally.

Meanwhile, traditional and classical furniture styles are meant to be seen as ornate statement pieces in your home. This means that these sofa heights may even be larger than the average measurement, as it attempts to attract attention in your living space. You may also want to compare sofas vs. sectionals to see which sofa height works better for you.

How Deep Should My Sofa Be?

That depends. One consideration for determining sofa depth is your size; tall people usually prefer a deeper sofa than shorter people will. It depends also on the functionality you're looking for. Will it be a place for lounging? Are you looking for a recliner sofa or a sleeper sofa? (If so, consider a deep seat.) Will it be a place for lounging? Are you looking for a recliner sofa or a sleeper sofa? (If so, consider a deep seat.) Will it be a place for a conversation? (A shallow seat may be better for this.) Is available space a concern? (A small space sofa or a small sleeper sofa may have the exact depth you're looking for.) Are you thinking about going with a sectional? (Sectional configuration and shape can also play a role in your sofa seat depth.) A final factor to consider is the cushion type, which impacts the depth of your sofa as well.

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How Deep are the Cushions on a Deep Seating Sofa?

Typically, a deep seating sofa has a depth greater than 40”. This allows someone on the sofa to lean back or to lay down comfortably across it. Meanwhile, a shallow seat usually has a depth between 31” and 40”, which offers an upright seated position that puts your feet on the floor and supports your back.

Find the Sofa That's Best for You

Find a Bassett store near you to shop for sofas that meet your needs. If you want to browse at home before shopping, shop our online catalog or let us send one to you. And you can always read more in our blog about what makes the most durable sofa.