Different Types Of Furniture

Updated 9/19/22

Different Types of Living Room Furniture

If you’re facing an empty house or a big remodel, you’ve got big choices to make. Before you decide how to fill your home, learn about the options you have—the different types of furniture and the names of furniture pieces—to help you make the best decisions to decorate your rooms.

Let’s break them down, room by room:

Living Room Furniture

It’s the focal point of your home. The ultimate gathering spot. The pressure is on, then, to create a space that is both practical yet beautiful, comfortable yet gracious.

Be sure to remember not only to fill the space with enough furniture to host a crowd but to leave enough space to allow guests to maneuverthrough the space comfortably.

So what does living room furniture consist of? There are a lot more options than you might think, so below we highlighted everything you could want to make your living room great. 

• Sofas: Fabric and Leather

• Sectionals: Fabric and Leather

• Sleeper Sofas: Fabric and Leather

Fusion Credenza

• Accent Chairs: Fabric and Leather

• Loveseats: Fabric and Leather


• Chairs-and-a-half

• Recliners: Fabric and Leather

• Swivels & Gliders: Fabric and Leather

• Chair Ottomans: Fabric and Leather

And, of course, your living room will need spaces for you to place a television, a serving tray, or décor. Some types of tables and shelving include:

Dining Room Furniture

Of course, this is the room that will host your big celebrations: Thanksgiving dinners, birthday candle blow-outs, Sunday brunches. But the dining room also sets the scene for some of your quiet moments: a weeknight dinner for two, game night with the kids, morning coffee alone. Choose the pieces for all of these moments, big and small, with the right dining room furniture:

• Dining tables: Roundrectangular, and square

• Arm Chairs: Wood and upholstered

• Side Chairs: Wood and upholstered

Bar and counter stools


Console tables

Bedroom Furniture

What type of furniture goes in a bedroom? That sounds like an odd question but this is you can let your creativity run wild. The bedroom allows for more design creativity than any other room. After all, this one can be furnished with just your and your partner’s tastes in mind. To get started, begin with the key pieces:

Office Furniture

Whether you work from this office full time or if you use it to catch up on business after hours, it’s important to have a space that allows you to feel organized, productive, and comfortable. Shop for your office furniture essentials:


Storage cabinets


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Whether you’re shopping for the big pieces or the small details, our design experts can help you put it all together. Book a free design consultation or schedule a phone chat with a design consultant for advice on creating the perfect spaces in your home.

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