The Complete Guide: Standard Furniture Sizes And Dimensions

Updated 3/13/23

Standard Furniture Dimensions

It's a question we always hear: what are the standard sizes and dimensions for furniture? Read on for a breakdown of standard furniture sizes for the types of pieces we get asked about the most. For a printable copy, you can download the PDF below and start finding the right measurements for the furniture in your home.

Standard Table Dimensions in Inches

There's not necessarily a universal, standard table size since there are many different kinds of tables with various functions in your home. So when we say table, we're referring to all of your standard furniture items that feature some legs or foundation and a flat surface on top. We're talking about anything from a dining room table that can fit the whole family to a petite sofa end table. We've listed the most popular categories of tables and their specific dimensions below.

Standard Table Dimensions (Inches)

Tables Height Width Length

Bedside 26 15 19

Buffet 34 24 60

Card 30 36 36

Coffee 19 18 36-48

Conference 30 36 96

Dining 29 40 64

End 20 17 28

Hall 27 15 55

Kitchen 29 36 60

Picnic 28 36 72

Poker 29 48 48

Printer 26 22 26

Sofa 26 14 72

Workstation 26 30 48

Standard Chair & Seating Dimensions in Inches

Chairs and the seating options in your home can have a variety of shapes and sizes, but there are standard dimensions for all types of chairs. You don't want barstools too short of reaching the bar, and you also don't want dining chairs too tall to push into your table. Follow these guidelines below when planning the seating in your home to ensure you choose the right furniture size for every room.

Standard Chair Dimensions (Inches)

Chairs Seat Width Seat Depth Seat Height Seat Height

Barstool 17 17 30 42

Dining, Side 19 19 18 36

Dining, Arm 24 18 18 36

Easy 25 26 17 31

Kitchen 19 19 19 34

Kitchen Stool 12 12 27 42

Rocker 20 26 16 40

Upholstered 30 26 16

Standard Dresser & Chest Dimensions in Inches

A chest refers to a standard storage chest with a hinged lid (picture a classic cedar chest) and includes dressers and drawers as well. Also included in the chest category are bookcases since they feature cabinets, drawers, or sometimes both in addition to their traditional book shelving. Regardless of how you're using chests to store things, below is the list of standard sizes for storage chests.

Standard Chest Dimensions (Inches)

Chests Height Width Depth

Lowboy (7” leg) 36 36 18

Tall Chest (6” leg) 54 36 18

Bookcase (Paperbacks) 38 36 7

Bookcase (Hardbound) 50 36 10

Blanket 24 36 19

Cedar 20 40 19

Buffet 34 50 20

Standard Mattress Dimensions in Inches

Did you know that California king beds are longer than standard king beds but a few inches more narrow? Even if it's only a few inches, details like this matter when deciding how to choose the right size of furniture for your bedroom. Especially if you're outfitting a smaller bedroom, being familiar with standard mattress sizing is a must. See below for a list and graphic of average bed dimensions.

Mattresses Height Width Length

Twin (Regular) 6 38 75

Twin (Long) 6 38 80

Double/Full 8 53 75

Queen 8 60 80

King 10 76 80

King (Calif.) 10 72 84

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