Decorating A Guest Room For Your Home

Updated 1/23/23

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Family visiting? Girls weekend? Time for a celebration?

Preparing for guests at any time of year can be exciting, and you’ll want to ensure their stay with you is as comfortable as possible. Decorating a guest room for your home during special occasions is very important, and a few small touches go a long way toward making your guests feel at home. So, let’s look at the elements needed to create the perfect guest room for any special occasion.

How to Choose Guest Room Furniture

The bed is the most important feature of a guest room. You’ll want your guests to sleep comfortably, so choose the best mattress you can afford. Your guests—and their backs—will thank you for it. The pillows should be comfortable, too (no old, lumpy pillows). If you wouldn’t sleep on the mattress or pillows, your guests shouldn’t either. Decorate your bed with clean, cozy, and inviting bed linens. The bedsheets should keep guests warm in the winter and cooler in the summer.

dresser with drawers is essential so your guests can comfortably unpack and not need to live out of their suitcases. Make room in the closet and keep extra hangers on hand so they can hang a few belongings.

Also, provide at least one mirror in the space and ensure easy access to all electrical outlets. Decorating a guest room with one or more comfy accent chairs offers a relaxing space to escape household activities if your guests feel overwhelmed. And if you have space, a small desk and chair, and even a sofa or loveseat would also be appreciated.

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Selecting a Guest Room Design

It’s easy to decorate a guest room for your home and make it a warm and inviting space for your guests to stay in. Consider your guest room like a hotel room, your guests’ home away from home for a few days. What does a hotel provide for visiting guests?

Think about the guests visiting you and what their needs and preferences are. Depending on the space you have available, you may be able to carve out a few different functions in your guest room.

First, be sure you have enough drawer space to allow them to unpack their belongings while staying with you. Also, add a foldable luggage rack in one corner, so your guests can access other items packed away without taking up dresser space or bending down on the floor.

If your guests are traveling with a small child, they need space to set up a portable crib. So, be sure there is enough floor space to do so and still get around the room. Allowing space for a crib may require moving a few pieces out of the room or moving furniture closer to the walls. (The same steps may be necessary if your guests travel with a pet that requires a crate.)

Make the guest room an oasis and a quiet place to relax. Perhaps your guests enjoy reading or having a little quiet time. Then, create a small sitting area in the room. You can pair two small chairs near a window with a small table and lamp between them. Your guests can enjoy looking outside while sitting or have a comfortable spot to read a book during their stay.

Provide Guest Room Essentials

The best hosts think about their guests’ needs in advance. It’s almost certain that guests will have to run to the store for something they forgot to pack or couldn’t bring altogether due to airline travel restrictions. Why not help them avoid this stress by purchasing a few handy items in advance?

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When decorating a guest room for your home, we suggest creating a guest basket of convenient, disposable, or single-use items and treats. Top it off with a welcoming card and pretty bow, then leave it on the bed or dresser for their arrival. Let your guests know that if they use an item, they can keep it, and you will replenish the supply for the next guests.

Here are some items that you can include in your guest basket.

• Soft toothbrush

• Toothpaste

• Dental floss

• Nail file

• Breath mints

• Lotion

• Lip balm

• Hair spray

• Comb/brush

• Soap

• Shampoo / conditioner

• Facial wash

• Makeup removing wipes

• Travel magazine/book about the area

• Local tourist information, events

• Individually packaged snacks/treats

• Fresh fruit

• Small water bottles

• Hot cocoa/apple cider packets, tea bags, coffee

• A few quick, entertaining reads

• Interesting magazines

• Other items specific to your guests

Tips on Guest Room Decorating

Go soft on color. When decorating a guest room for your home, stick with cozy neutrals. Blues and browns are nice together as well as a soft green or yellow paired with crisp, clean white. Avoid bright colors and reds, as your guests may have difficulty relaxing and sleeping in a room with bright colors.

Ensure that your window treatments provide your guests with total privacy by day and by night. Even if there is a tree that covers the window, shadows and figures are still visible from the street or yard. Consider opting for some room-darkening shades when decorating a guest room—especially for eastern-facing rooms—so that late risers can get their sleep. Your guests will appreciate that you have kept their privacy in mind.

Keep the décor simple. You may use the space to display décor items or collectibles when the room is not in use. But your guests will need some space to spread out their necessities. So, clear the dresser and nightstands of everything but the bare necessities. You can put your décor back out after your guests leave.

Include Even More Guest Essentials

Again, think hotel. When planning for your guests’ needs, you’ll also want to include a few other necessary items.

• Alarm clock

• Fresh sets of towels

• Extra blankets

• Extra pillows

• Extra mirror

• Television

• Cable connection

• Radio

• Wireless internet

• Printed card with your Wi-Fi password and any security alarm instructions / best practices

• Extra set of keys

• Fresh flowers

• Thank-you gift

• Anything else specific to your guests

It may sound like a lot to supply, but most of these items are common sense necessities. And once you create your official guest basket, you’ll only need to replenish supplies as needed.

We wish you a wonderful visit with your family and friends.

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