Standard Size Of A Dining Table

Updated 9/19/22

Bassett Bella

If there's one thing every host and hostess agrees on, it’s all about the table (following the food, of course). After all, the dining table is where your family comes together to share important stories of the day at school and at work, and where friends spend unforgettable Saturday nights sharing pot luck dinners and laughing over board games.

Nothing’s perfect, right? Well, here’s an exception to the rule. The perfect dining table size and shape depend on whether or not you have a dedicated formal dining room, an open concept area off the living room, or an eat-in style kitchen; the actual dimensions of your room and the number of people you’d like to serve comfortably also factor in heavily.

What designers typically consider the right size table is proportional to the space of your dining area while leaving ample room to pull out and push in those stately dining chairs. Ready to get a dining room table? It's time to find the right size and shape for your dining room. We'll show you how to measure it all here.

“Can I Have Some Space?”

Creating space for a dining room table is easy. Around your table you’ll want to allow ample space:

• Minimum: 36”

• Ideal: 42-48”

• For an entrance or thoroughfare: 48”

• For place settings: 28-30”

• For place settings and serving pieces: 36”

• To pass across the table: Max 48”

• For seating capacity: 24”

Rectangular tables: Classic shape for rectangular dining rooms, well suited for larger families and get-togethers. For more legroom, consider a Pedestal base.

Oval tables: Easy to maneuver around and pull up extra seats because there are no awkward corners.

Circular tables: Cozy, perfect for small families or couples.

Square tables: Bistro-vibe, better for boxy spaces.

Bassett Bella

Table Talk

The standard size of a dining room table is typically 36" to 40" wide. The dining room tables that seat four should be about 48" long. Tables that seat four to six people should be at least 60" long. Tables that seat six to eight people should be at least 78" long. The beauty of the Custom Dining Collection is there are countless lengths, heights, and shape options. If you’re looking for the longest possible table, you’ll want BenchMade.

A Little Help, Please?

Tables like the ever-popular Benchmade that are extendable provide versatility and flexibility to seat additional people only when you need it. What’s called a removable leaf (or two) can be easily added (inserted) into the table to expand it. If the table leaves are an option, always buy them when you buy the table. This will ensure the wood stain matches and the leaves fit snugly. To store, wrap them in moving blankets and place them in the back of your hall closet.

Another good table solution is a round or oval drop-leaf table; these tables have fold-down edges that make them flat on the sides and easy to place out of the way along a wall.

Take a Seat

Bassett Bench*Made

The standard size of dining room chairs is usually 18” from the seat to the floor. Most adults are comfortable with 12” of space between the tabletop and the chair seat. Test them all. You want dining chairs that can be comfortable for two hours at a time. When not in use, dining arm (or head) chairs can be moved to the corners of the room to make a statement; if space doesn't allow, cover the chairs and store them out of the way until the next unforgettable gathering.

The standard size of a dining room table varies depending on your space needs. Shop our selection of dining room tables today online or in-store. Professional Design Consultants are always available, and always free.