Tips For Buying Furniture

Updated 9/20/22

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With so many brick-and-mortar and online furniture stores out there, nowadays it is difficult to distinguish true quality from slick marketing. This guide includes general furniture-buying tips, buying online vs. in a store, identifying furniture quality, buying custom furniture, and buying furniture on a budget. 

General tips for how to buy furniture

No matter what your budget is or where you decide to purchase furniture, there are some factors that always matter, below are some tips for general furniture-buying: 

Know your design style

Look for a store that “looks” like you. Ask yourself, “What style suits my personality – modern, classic, eclectic…?” Think about how you will use these pieces in your home, think about the colors you gravitate toward. Finally, consider your space. Check out this Interactive Room Planner to get a better sense of size and scale. 

Make sure to measure the furniture

Always double-check length, width, and depth measurements of furniture; and be sure that hallways, doorways, and door openings aren’t a problem. One good way to measure furniture for your home is to use painter’s tape to block out the area on your carpet or floor or use taped-together newspaper to cut the exact size of the furniture and lay it where you envision the furniture. Again, this will give you a better sense of size and scale.

Shop where there is a good selection

Shop where there’s a good selection of furniture. If you are purchasing multiple pieces of furniture in one stain or color, buy them from one retailer to be sure they truly match. Most items at Bassett are customizable and made just for you -- from sofas and sectionals to ottomans and benches, upholstered beds to all the accessories in between. (Not to mention 800 fabric and leather choices)

Buying furniture online

Shopping for furniture online for your brand new “forever” home, or just to upgrade the hand-me-down sofa from your sister, you’ll want to start by doing your homework. All online furniture stores are definitely not the same. Don't know where to start with buying furniture online? Our tips will help guide your furniture shopping so you can find the best deals. Keep reading for more.

Check their reputation

Some online furniture companies seem to pop up overnight, or they’re based in another country; others have questionable reputations. To start our tips for buying furniture online, learn as much as you can about them on their ‘About’ website page, check out their policies, and read as many reviews as you can find. Reputable companies will always offer information about their customer service, satisfaction guarantee, as well as a phone number or address. 

Furniture colors can be tricky

Unless your monitor is color calibrated, it will show colors slightly different from everyone else’s monitor. Request a fabric swatch. Online retailers like Bassett offer swatches free of charge. A lot of online customers have questions about fabrics and colors, according to Mandy. “There’s a fabric wall with about 800 different samples for reference. And we send swatches to online customers every day.” 

Pay attention to the photos

Look at the furniture online in as many photos as you can, go from the room scene (don’t be swayed by the props) to the links offering side angles and back views. You’re trying to get the best idea of how the furniture will look in your space. And, don't forget to check out Rooms We Love for inspiration.

Read the product description copy closely

Know what your furniture is made of before you buy furniture online. Click the “+” sign for detailed dimensions and descriptions. Know what you’re buying – you’re looking for durable, well-constructed furniture pieces; you may even find cleaning instructions here. 

Make sure the website is secure

Buy furniture online only from secure websites. At ‘Checkout’, be sure the URL changes from HTTP to HTTPS – this means the site is secure. 

Know the shipping costs

Review a store’s shipping policies before you buy, most will list them on their FAQ page. 

Bassett has a strong network of stores and retail partners across the country. Whenever possible, the delivery and care of your website orders are given to those local stores and retail partners. Store pick-up may even be available for web purchases in some zip codes, see availability at ‘Checkout’. 

Pro Tip: Sometimes a store includes the cost of shipping in the purchase price and claims to offer “free shipping”. Do yourself a favor: compare prices. 

Find out about the return policy

A store’s return policy should be included on their FAQ page as well. Accessories should be returnable within 30 days, non-custom furniture and rugs should be cancellable before they are shipped, and custom orders require cancellation within 24 hours of the order being placed. 

Taxes may apply

You can usually find an online retailer’s tax policy on their ‘About’ page, or in the summary at ‘Checkout’. Know the amount before completing the sale. 

Best place to buy furniture on a budget

While shopping at thrift stores and build-it-yourself furniture stores may be the latest trend in buying home furnishings on a budget, you may end up sacrificing lasting, quality furniture. At Bassett Furniture, we know you don’t want the furniture to last a couple of years; you want furniture that becomes an integral part of your home, and that’s exactly what you'll get with our budget-friendly designs.

Buying quality furniture

At Bassett Furniture, we pride ourselves on being the best place to buy quality furniture. For over 100 years, we've mastered the art of crafting furniture, and to prove it, we back each of our pieces with our manufacturer’s warranty.

Our dedication to comfortable, long-lasting furniture hasn't changed since our launch in 1902. We've kept our customers at the forefront of our mission, and we practice that in our community outreach and environmental initiatives. We know that furniture means more than a piece of décor; it becomes a part of your idea of what "home" means to you.

Buying custom furniture

No cookie cutters here. Bassett offers a variety of options including upholstery, beds, dining, home storage, and home entertainment. Few stores offer professional design services. Bassett’s Design Consultants can help create custom furnishings, define your decorating style, establish a budget, make a house call, or simply offer an opinion – all free of charge. 

When you meet with our design consultants, we'll work with you and your budget to furnish your home the way you want, and without sacrificing quality to do it. With Bassett, you get custom furniture without the customary wait.

Come visit us!

Shop today at a Bassett store near you, or simply click and shop now. Also, consult with our design specialists for more tips for buying furniture online.