Virtual Design Appointment

Updated 10/6/22

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What to Expect During a Bassett Virtual Design Appointment

Not only do we spend more time at home now, but we need our homes to do more than ever. The dining room doubles as a home office, and the living room is a makeshift classroom. The back patio might be as close to a vacation as we can get for a while.

With our homes serving more purposes than ever, our customers want ideas about creating multipurpose spaces elegantly and intentionally. Luckily, our designers live for such challenges.

No matter the situation, you can work one-on-one with a professional Bassett Furniture designer through virtual interior design appointments. Share your vision board and pictures, give a tour of your space over a video chat, dream up a wish list. Our designers will learn your needs, your tastes, your ideas, and they’ll design a vision – as well as suggest specific pieces – to help you achieve your goals.

While you spend more time at home, let your home inspire your work, entertain your family, and offer the relaxing retreat you need.

Curious about our virtual interior design consultations? Here’s what you need to know:

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This Sounds Expensive. How Much Do Virtual Design Appointments Cost?

They’re free! At Bassett Furniture, we pride ourselves on premier customer service – and we have for more than a century. This service allows us to continue that dedication to our customers.

What Tools Do I Need for a Virtual Interior Design Meeting?

We’re flexible! If you prefer a video meeting, we can arrange a FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, or Facebook Messenger meeting. If you’d rather discuss plans over text, email, or phone, we can do those as well. We’ll find the most convenient, comfortable meeting tool for you.

At What Point in My Design Process Should I Contact a Designer?

That’s up to you, too. We are happy to give you as much or as little help as you’d like, even if it's a small design question. Some clients come to us with a blank slate, and others come to us to complete the details in an almost-ready room. We're here whether you’re just starting to brainstorm or need to find just the right furniture to complete your plan.

How Will the Bassett Designer Learn My Style and Preferences?

You can share all kinds of information with your designer: photos of your home, Pinterest boards, websites that show your favorite styles or pieces. Our designers know how to ask the right questions and to request the best information to learn the looks that you love.

How Will the Bassett Designer Share the Concepts for My Space?

Your designer will create a project board based on the conversations you’ve had and the material you’ve shared. The board will offer specific examples of the pieces – as well as suggested fabrics and colors – that you can use to create that vision.

Let’s Start. How Do I Begin?

It’s simple. We guide you along each step.

1. Book your virtual appointment on the Bassett Furniture website.

2. Choose a designer and select a time for your appointment.

3. The designer will call you to discuss your goals for the consultation, request information or pictures that can help them, and then arrange a meeting through the platform of your choice.

BONUS: How Are Bassett Designers Adapting to Work from Home?

New Favorite Pastimes: I'm gardening, exercising, and cooking, as well as using my interior design coloring books and rearranging things in my home. I'm always looking to better utilize my space and furnishings. 

Currently Officing At: I have an office in my home where I have a photo from 1972 of President Jimmy Carter, my father, my mother, and myself. I look at it every day, and it inspires me to be kind and help others.


New Favorite Pastimes: Jigsaw puzzles, Scrabble and Words with Friends, golf, and social media.

Currently Officing At: I’m creating “new” office spaces, like dining tables, a living room ottoman, dining table, and a back patio near a garden.

Tell Us About Your “Co-workers”: My little 5-year-old rescue Maltese/Yorkie Lulu is always in my space. She sits in my lap while I’m on Zoom calls, lays on the ottoman next to my computer, lays next to me in my chair, and always waits eagerly for me to throw her ball inside or outside.


New Favorite Pastimes: I have found this new way of working so much fun and challenging – in a good way! I’m getting to know my clients at a different level because all of our guards are down. I’m discovering new ways to help communicate my ideas and visions, and it’s been a lot of fun. My clients’ appreciation for being able to keep their projects moving forward has been great! The many positives that have come out of this situation are so encouraging and they fuel me to keep doing what I’m doing.

Currently Officing At: My kitchen/dining table mostly, but my living room has gotten some attention lately as well. Even my primary bedroom hosts Zoom meetings when I need a quiet place!

Biggest Challenge: Making time to actually cook and sit down for meals.


Currently Officing At: My home office used to be my refuge – until my kids’ boredom led them to start paying me frequent visits. My favorite thing about my new work arrangement is that while my family still has different interests, we now pursue them with more togetherness.

Biggest Surprise: Something I did not anticipate is that I’d be able to improve my parenting skills during these times. Not only can I keep an eye on my kids’ internet usage without appearing to be an uncool mom, but I also have been able to add education to our family bonding time. And I’ve finally figured out how things keep walking off my desk. It turns out that I have an 8-year-old culprit who wants to play designer every time I turn around!