Typical Desk Height

Updated 2/3/23

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In an office, a study, or even a convenient corner of the living room, a great desk is essential – but what is standard desk height? While average desk height varies a bit, most desk heights range between 29" and 30" from the floor to the tabletop. Finding the right ergonomic fit for a desk will be different for each person, depending on the style of your desk and chair, but there is definitely a typical desk height that will meet your needs.

FAQs Concerning Typical Desk Height

What Two Measurements Do You Need When Selecting the Height of a Desk?

• The height of the desk from the floor to the tabletop

• The distance from the floor to the very top of the desk

What is a Typical Desk Height?

Our bodies come in all different sizes, so it’s no wonder there is no “one size fits all” typical desk height. The measurement from the floor to the tabletop is probably the most important for your overall comfort, and usually, this measurement ranges from 29” to 30”. Bassett Furniture’s Storeroom Modular Desk and BenchMade Crossbuck desk are examples of 30” desk height, which is often the perfect height for working at a laptop.

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Standard Desk Dimensions

The easiest way to see if the desk height is right for you is to sit as you would when working at the desk. Place your elbows at a ninety-degree angle. In this position, your hands should rest comfortably on the desktop of your prospective desk. For a writing desk, many people prefer a slightly higher surface, such as Bassett Furniture’s 31” high Bella Writing Desk.

What is the Standard Desk Height for Ergonomics?

What’s more important than navigating average desk height? An ergonomic design. Choosing the desk that’s right for your comfort and your space. Many consider the standard ergonomic design for a desk to be between 28" and 30". You will also want to think about the items you want to keep on your desk, as well as where you will be using them, and what you want to store. If you have an office with multiple computer monitors, standard desk height might work for you, but the average desktop area might not. Also, consider what you'd like to have at your disposal. You may want storage space for a printer or a bookcase for frequently used books and supplies. The best way to choose a desk is to first think about how you will use it, and then actually sit down to it.

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The design experts at your local Bassett store can help you decide which desk height and shape would best suit your space and work style. They'll help you determine if the standard height of a desk fits you, and how to make adjustments if it isn’t. Stop by today to try on a desk and find the one that works for you.