• Garlands

    Wedding garlands are a great way to add bright colors & fresh flowers to any wedding or reception. We've combined fresh flowers with this weddings theme to create a fresh wedding garland that stands out.

  • Varadh

    Our varadh and kalash selections are uniquely designed using bold colors and beautiful artwork. The designs are unique to Indian traditions and create a unique, colorful and overall exciting experience for you and your Vivah's celebration.

  • Rangolis

    Rangoli is a colorful, fresh floral arrangement and design created near the main entrance of the home. This is used to welcome and greet the guests inside.

  • Parties

    Indian Weddings are not only about serious rituals and customs, they're also full of fun filled rituals and frothy moments. Here, we've added the elements of fun and frolic to make the emotional affair, light and amusing.